Lok Sabha Election on April 16? Delhi Election Commission Clarifies Amid Viral Note to Officers

Lok Sabha Election 2024

Lok Sabha: Although the exact date of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 has not been officially confirmed yet, there are indications that India may see the electoral process in April or maximum in May.

Lok Sabha Election 2024 clarification

The office of the Chief Electoral Officer in Delhi recently issued a clarification addressing a letter, which went viral on social media, suggesting April 16 as a possible date for the Lok Sabha elections. The clarification stressed that this date was mentioned only for ‘reference’ and was part of the Election Commission of India (ECI) scheme, used for planning and coordination.

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The date mentioned, January 19, 2024, is not indicative of the final schedule and primarily serves as a reference point for election officials. Here is a description of the clarification and the role of the specified date in the election planning process.

A subsequent post by the Delhi CEO’s office tagging the Election Commission of India reiterated that the date was only for ‘reference’ and was intended for officials to plan activities as per the election plan.

Expected date of Lok Sabha elections 2024:

Nya Time

Since the actual date is yet unconfirmed, India will likely go into the Lok Sabha elections, which will begin in April and run in several phases till May. The 2019 elections followed the same pattern, taking place in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May, with results declared on 23 May.

It is worth noting that specifying a ‘reference only’ date is a standard practice during the planning stages of one of the world’s most complex electoral exercises.

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