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Kadaknath Hen


Kadaknath Poultry Farming is an interesting and profitable sector taking steps towards prosperity through Indian agriculture. In this article, we will discuss Eggs, Chicken Murga Prices, and benefits in detail, in which we will understand all the important aspects of this particular breed.

Kadaknath Chicken identifie:

The Kadaknath chicken can be easily identified by its distinctive appearance – Shiny soft black feathers and every part of the body like Wings, blood, bones, and muscles etc, being black. Strong immunity, low maintenance requirements, and sturdy build make it easy to raise. However, what sets it apart is the exceptional flavor and texture of its meat. Kadaknath is famous for its softness and unique taste.
Kadaknath with high protein and low fat has become the first choice of chicken lovers in terms of bodybuilding and health.

Starting Your Own Kadaknath Poultry Farm

Starting your journey to Kadaknath Poultry Farm requires careful planning, the farm should be around 50*250 berg feet. Proper arrangements for adequate electricity and water will have to be made. For training, contact a government or private poultry farm and take training for at least 6 months.

Keep in mind that it is important to choose the right form, the direction of the form should be east or west because this protects from heatstroke in summer. You should start with 500 or 1000 chicks in the beginning, and after that gradually expand the farm.

Selecting the right breed and creating a suitable environment for their growth are important steps. A well-maintained farm ensures the health and productivity of chickens.

Economic Benefits of Kadaknath Farming:

Kadaknath Poultry Farm is a profitable deal because its high disease resistance, high-quality meat, expensive eggs, and low mortality rate make this business successful.

The demand is increasing in the market, which is affecting the price and profitability. Farmers can take advantage of this demand, making Kadaknath poultry farming economically profitable.

Health Benefits:

Beyond the economic benefits, Kadaknath chicken offers health benefits to consumers. High in protein, and iron with low cholesterol and fat content, this chicken variety is rich in essential nutrients, making it a healthy choice for athletes, bodybuilders, and the general public who are conscious of their diet.

Challenges and Solutions in Kadaknath Poultry Farming

Like any agricultural enterprise, Kadaknath poultry farming also comes with many challenges. Disease prevention and control, as well as market competition, pose barriers that farmers must address through proactive measures.

Kadaknath Chicken Farming Techniques

Feeding and nutrition are vital aspects of Kadaknath chicken farming. Implementing health management practices ensures the overall well-being of the birds, contributing to a successful poultry farm.

Vaccination of Kadaknath Chicken:

Vaccinate the chicks from time to time, information related to vaccination will be given to you during the training. Vaccination will provide relief from diseases prevalent in chickens.

Diet of Kadaknath Chicken:

Use green grass along with ready-made food from the market, which will improve the growth of chickens. With time you use your brain and after gaining experience, reduce or stop dependence on ready-made diets from the market and prepare your fodder, this will prove more beneficial to your poultry farm.

Egg Production in Kadaknath Farming

Nya Time

Farmers need to understand the egg-laying cycle of Kadaknath chickens. Creating optimal conditions, including proper nutrition and a favorable environment, plays an important role in maximizing egg production. The average egg-laying rate is something like the one below.

  • Kadaknath starts laying eggs after 5 months.
  • It lays eggs for about 18 months.
  • It lays 15 eggs in a month.
  • Thus Kadaknath lays about 270 eggs in its lifetime.

Poultry farmers need to understand the factors affecting hen egg prices. Implementing effective pricing strategies ensures fair returns on investment and sustainable business growth.

Its eggs are available in the market at the rate of Rs 20 to Rs 60 per egg. The price of eggs depends on how you are selling them.

  • In retail, it ranges between Rs 50 to Rs 60.
  • The wholesale price is Rs 20 to Rs 30 per egg.
  • The online price per egg ranges between Rs 50 to Rs 80.

Poultry farmers need to understand the factors affecting chicken prices. Implementing effective pricing strategies ensures fair returns on investment and sustainable business growth.

You can understand the different prices of Kadaknath chicken in the market.

  • The farmer sells it in the market in bulk sale for 1.2 kg of 180-day-old chicken between Rs 900 to Rs 1200.
  • In retail, it is sold between Rs 1500 to Rs 2000.
  • When the egg-laying hen stops laying eggs, it is also sold in the market at the rate of Rs 500 to Rs 800 per hen.

Marketing Strategies for Kadaknath Chicken

Building brand recognition is paramount in the competitive poultry market. Leveraging online platforms for marketing can help farmers reach a wider audience, and boost sales and brand recognition.

  • Start marketing from the beginning, and gradually try to enter retail more and more, you will be profitable.
  • If you wait for the goods to be ready then you will not get a good price in wholesale in a hurry, hence start marketing before the goods are ready.

Community impact of Kadaknath poultry farming

Kadaknath Poultry farming extends far beyond economic benefits. It plays a role in job creation and supports local economies by promoting a sense of community well-being. This can also become another source of income.

Stability practice in Kadaknath observance

Adopting eco-friendly practices and considering ethical aspects of farming contribute to the sustainability of Kadaknath poultry farming. Along with running a successful business, farmers can also play a role in preserving the environment. Along with this, fish farming can also be done, in which the feces of chickens will be the food for the fish, the fish will not have to be fed separately and the profit will be doubled.

Government initiatives and support

Government initiatives and support, including subsidies and regulatory guidelines, can assist poultry farmers in their Kadaknath rearing journey. Understanding and utilizing these resources is vital to a thriving business. To get a government exemption, take training from a government agency and then apply after understanding the method.

Success stories in Kadaknath rearing

Learning from successful farmers in the Kadaknath poultry industry can provide valuable insights. These stories serve as inspiration for those starting their ventures and provide practical tips for success.

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In conclusion, Kadaknath presents a promising opportunity for poultry farmers. With its unique characteristics, economic benefits and positive impact on communities, Kadaknath chicken farming is a venture worth exploring. Whether you are an experienced farmer or a novice, there are chances for success in the world of Kadaknath poultry farming. Due to its high disease resistance, farming is possible for all farmers.


Q: Is Kadaknath chicken farming suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, with proper planning and knowledge, beginners can successfully venture into Kadaknath poultry farming.

Q: What makes Kadaknath chicken different from other breeds?

A: Kadaknath chicken is distinct due to its black plumage, exceptional taste, and tender texture.

Q: How can farmers address challenges in Kadaknath poultry farming?

A: Proactive measures such as disease prevention and effective and smart online marketing strategies can help overcome challenges.

Q: Are there government schemes to support Kadaknath poultry farmers?

A: Yes, various government initiatives, including subsidies, aim to support poultry farmers, including those in Kadaknath farming.

Q: Can Kadaknath poultry farming contribute to sustainable practices?

A: Yes, by adopting eco-friendly approaches and ethical farming practices, Kadaknath poultry farming can contribute to sustainability. Its trending business success rate is very high.

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